Safe Communication

HealthMail was built by Grafimedia Development Team, to establish a strong and secure communication channel between doctors, hospitals, clinics and patients. Email and Health Data as a service is actually having a tailor-made digital inbox in your hands, where and when you want it. Email service with pro-features and friendly environment that may transfer and receive different types of medical data and files, without limitations or delays.


Real-Time Interaction

Now healthcare providers can interact in real time with all doctors or people involved in a case, by just using the benefits of HealthMail. Easy to use transportation of sensitive clinical patient information under high quality, secure, private and protected digital system and service. With the features of HealthMail all desktops, laptops and smartphones are the new portable office-on-hand workstation. Never before efficiency has met the ability to share, sent or receive patient data at the point of care and even in a state of emergency.


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HealthMail Grafimedia Dashboard


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